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Books. Reinvented.


3D of everything

Anti-energy drink




Books open worlds. However, today's world is so open that books hardly even get open anymore.

Minecraft and profiles does, though. Hey STEM guys, do you agree?

Can we get games open books again? Can we merge 'profiles' with 'characters'?

Make sense? Join in if you have spare time to invest.

To get a clue, here is what the world is doing, already. 




All natural homes. Only, water, wood, clay and stone.

And the fire, inside.

We see smart city made out of clay with smart citizenship ruling. For you techies and for you veggies.

And you, that we do not have the category for, thus far.

Clay doesn't exclude internet, yet it certainly include green living. Environmentally, energy, socially,

ecologically green living.

And it is tailored to your spec and is built partly by homeless people so they can get one too.




We don't know what this is. Yet.

However, we use video panorama experiments, 3D printing and data visualizations to paste the good old

physical world into virtual one.

Why? Just to prolong life by saving time, test nukes offline the real world, and make people we do not

see in the physical world because of their disadvantages, experience it better.

Sounds close to what you are doing? Lets merge! 




We need to chill.

On some occasions, we need to do it instantly. Have you experienced injustice in front of an

administrative window? At work? Or just a dose of overwhelming instant anxiety while watching news

for example? Than you know what we are talking about.

We found that particular herbs from mountains in Macedonia speaks the language of the calmness.

This project is run by Bogdan (79), Kiril (75) and Verica (65).

What we added to it, is an effort to give away 20 % of the price of the drink to marginalized, directly,

without the money even touching our account. And we want you to be able to choose, see and talk to

those you are donating, through the can's surface.

Thirsty!? Chill, then.